Monday, September 15, 2008

The countdown is on!!

Well Thursday starts another exciting year of DEER HUNTING!! Deer hunting is something that is huge in our family. My husband and I both hunt as do our kids. Boo hunts strictly with a bow, which is just perfect. His Uncle will be sitting with him next weekend for the youth hunt and My husband will be with Ian, who gun hunts. I really hope that they are successful hunters this year. As for John and I's game on!! Thursday is opener of early season and John has to work....tee hee.. I don't!! So today means washing my clothes in baking soda and scent remover, only to spray them down with a moldy leave spray and getting all the finishing touches ready for yet another very competitive season! I am armed with a brand new 20 gauge this year with a new scope for fire arm season and also a brand new bow for Bow season.......WOOHOO!!
So my dear husband, When I bring home Bullwinkle, don't cry, your still the man!!
Anyone who may read this, if you are a deer hunter, grab your doe pee and your gear, and we will see you in the woods! The early opener is only for Does but it is never to early to spot where Bullwinkle is hanging out!! Be ready for him on the 1st of October with your bow! As for me, I can't wait until next year when Sissy is old enough to give it a go!!!She has passed hunters safety and is just waiting for the Birthday. I am getting out numbered in deer camp! There is a saying,"Go hunting with your kids and you won't have to go hunting FOR your kids!"

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Destini said...

Though I'm not much of a hunter, I'd rather be shooting pictures than arrows, I do wish you great success in your hunt(s) this year! Girl Power! :)

I'm very excited for Boo! Hope he gets the "Biggun" this year!